Thanks to all people that are part of 8 Eden Avenue

We would like to thank everyone, who activly supports us season by season and makes great contribution realizing this unique product. And last but not least many thanks to our customers, whereby the circle is finaly complete.
thank you!

Fashion design
8 Eden Avenue

Product development
Mukti Datta, Munni Bisht and all the lovely women of Himalaya (Panchachuli women weavers),
as well as Jenny Housego, Asaf and Zahid Ali,
Samina Zaidi and her high skilled Sringar team (Kashmirloom Ltd.),
Mr. Fargo in Ladakh
/ India

Quality and R&D, products
Joli Designs / India

Post production
Wolfgang Perez / Germany

Photography (Product & Documentary)
Daniel Breidt / Germany

Corporate design
AMEN Gestaltung / Germany

Webdesign & creation
Johannes Maximilian Müller / Germany

Intro track / Bhakta / Mymastermusic
Making of video track / Fabelhaft
India video track / Bonobo Business

Special thanks to
My family