Our project comes from the heart – I had this feeling from the moment I set my eyes on the Indian weavers at the foothills of the Himalayas, high up in Almora. They are very humble, full of love and so dedicated to their work and product. I was immediately enchanted by them. 

I would love to pay them the appreciation and acknowledgement they simply deserve . It's about an honest devotion to purity, to quality and of course to beauty. It is less about fast-moving beauty, rather about timeless pieces of jewellery that can become our companions for life.

For us it is important to redefine, what luxury really means today.

To meet these expectations, we only use pure Mongolian cashmere and spin, weave and embroider all our scarves by hand on traditional hand looms. It is our vision to protect this old hand craft and save it from extinction.

My wish is to give something back to these people. I accomplish this by guaranteeing them a safe and fair salary, medical care and an education for their children.

At the same time, I would like to convey to my customers a sense that they themselves are making a contribution to this when they are wearing our scarves. At this moment the cycle is complete.

True luxury lies in togetherness!

Have fun wearing and enjoy

Lots of Love,
Jessica Breidt

8 Eden Avenue, Jessica Breidt, Mukti Datta

Mukti Datta & Jessica Breidt






“Each 8 Eden Avenue scarf is made from 100% finest Mongolian cashmere. Every single step is exclusively handmade, the dying, the weaving and the embroidering. We are using techniques inherited through generations also with the
vision to protect them from becoming obsolete. With the support of 8 Eden Avenue, primarily younger women continue to learn these techniques. In addition to this we provide them with an above average income, a medical cover in case of sickness and a valuable education for their children. It appears a double good feeling, you have made both sides happy. Yourself while wearing these incredible soft and cocooning scarves and those who put their experience and passion into the making of these exclusive piece.“






Touch our purest fabrics and close your eyes. pictures from a far away country full of magic and beauty will appear. You will feel the wind, the light, the endless pasture-land of the cashmere goat. let yourself be overwhelmed by the feeling of the finest raw material we were able to find in the world. Have it on your skin and time is secondary.





From India with love

This is also a special thanks to our many wonderful customers, be they large or small, young or old, regardless of their origin - We also send warm and grateful thanks to all of the amazing women who work wonders on our scarves in India every season; You light up our collections like no other. Through the sales of these valuable scarves, you are contributing towards these amazing women in India, giving them the possibility to nourish their families, send their children to school and to obtain good medical care.

Today and in the future - From India with love